I worked diligently with PM and her family in 2016 on the recruiting process. She did not qualify for financial aid. I suggested Holy Cross because it is very similar as a college to Villanova. I arranged for the Holy Cross coach to look at PM. She is now happily committed to Holy Cross!

“Hi Alison,

I got an offer from Holy Cross and I am going to take it. I loved Coach Brown and their program during my unofficial visit. I cannot thank you enough for all your help in this process. Thank you so much for your time and effort in getting me there.”

- PM

“Alison Foley has been the perfect mentor and counselor to guide my daughter through the college soccer recruiting process. She assisted with all aspects from an honest assessment of skill level, determining our daughter’s priorities, making broad lists of schools, helping with exposure to the coaches, coordinating communications with coaches, and finally narrowing in and securing a college commitment at the school with the best fit.  She has broad knowledge of the college landscape, a proven track record in the game, a great reputation within the coaching community, and a long list of contacts at all levels.  Alison was helpful to all of us in the journey.”

- Dad of PM

“Alison’s help was invaluable to helping my daughter Annie find the right school and soccer program and she is thrilled to be heading to Bowdoin. Alison provided realistic encouragement where appropriate helping Annie channel her energy to the schools and soccer programs that were right for her and vice versa. Alison’s exceptional reputation as a top college coach was instrumental in connecting with coaches. At times, deciphering the communications from college coaches was tricky. Throughout this, Alison was able to help translate subtle messaging and always provided the right guidance to Annie. Alison has all of the angles covered as a person who has recruited for many years at the top collegiate level, guided club players as they have been recruited, and as the parent herself of an exceptionally talented player. We are so grateful that she helped Annie land at the perfect school for her.”

-Becky P.

“I have known Alison Foley for almost ten years, first meeting her when my daughter began participating in her soccer camps. Through these camps, my daughter gained more than soccer skills: she gained a mentor. Over the years, my daughter attended as many camps as she could with Alison, and I watched as she grew into both a soccer player, but also a confident young lady.

With Alison as a mentor, my daughter now had someone to discuss college plans starting as a freshman in high school. Alison quickly discussed with my daughter options such as: program of study, size of school, and geographic region. When she started her junior year of high school, my daughter questioned if soccer was in her collegiate future. Alison helped her through the process, and assisted her with her dilemma. As she entered her senior year of high school, I was convinced that my daughter’s soccer career would be coming to an end. Alison and my daughter had many discussions and came to the decision that she wasn’t ready to give up on soccer. Alison helped her maneuver through the process, and landed her with a few college offers, including Merrimack College, where she is now happily attending and playing for.  

Sometimes it is harder for children to talk to their parents, especially the college and soccer process, but to have a person such as Alison, who is easy to talk to and an advocate for the child, is something that every young woman needs. As a parent of young woman, it is paramount for my daughters to find their own voice. Alison helped my daughter find her own voice in more than just a soccer sense.”

-Mike R.

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Alison Foley, our soccer club's Senior Director, during my daughter’s college recruiting process.  Our journey started with an initial meeting including player and family.  We reviewed academics, skill sets, college wish list, and realistic approaches. She laid out all the options for Division I, II, III athletes including informing us of NCAA guidelines. Alison set goals for my daughter and encouraged her to draft a strategy to start researching the schools she was interested in. Once we established a list, Alison met with my daughter and helped create a plan. Alison’s unblemished reputation in the collegiate soccer arena paid off tremendously for my daughter. The schools she was interested in became interested in her.  She wasn’t just another name on a roster. She was a player to look at, scout, and recruit. After mulling a few legitimate offers, my daughter ending up selecting her first-choice school.

Alison’s leadership throughout the process was invaluable. We had so many questions and concerns, and she was always there to help.”

-Art V.

“I am a high-level athlete and a super competitive perfectionist. My biology teacher said about puberty that during this time girls gain fat and boys gain muscle. I also read an online study that girls and boys have the same athletic capabilities up until puberty, and then they start to take different paths. That really bothered me, and I was a mess when I hit puberty. Every month was a struggle, battling the pain and discomfort, and it brought me to a low point in my life. Talking to Alison helped me tremendously. She provided more positive insight and a clearer perspective on how strong I really am. She helped me realize that I was not alone, that even college girls struggle with similar, if not the exact same problems. I now know that despite any challenges, I can play at the highest level. I have a much more positive outlook and place no more limitations on what I can achieve. Thank you Alison for all that you did for me!”

-Anna H.


“No one knows the college reciting process better than Alison. Other companies and devices may claim that they’re experts, but no one is a better expert than a collegiate coach herself. She, unlike the others, knows and understands the perspective of a Division 1 collegiate coach, which is not information you can find online or in a book. Alison’s knowledge, resources, and connections are invaluable.”

-Allie K.


We began working with Coach Alison in the start of Kristi’s freshman year of high-school and she helped navigate our daughter through what we thought would be a grueling recruiting process. 

Alison helped lay out a timeline, expectations and schedule and took away a lot of the guessing.  Her contact with coaches and feedback to our daughter (after each showcase) was timely and informative. The recruitment process became an exciting journey culminating with Kristi receiving an offer from the school that was on the very top of her list;  a list that Alison helped layout based on her soccer skill level and academic achievement.  

Kristi is our third daughter to commit to a D1 athletic program and even with all the experience we had with the first two, Alison’s knowledge and professionalism certainly played a factor in making Kristi’s dream of playing at Wake Forest come true..  

- Maryann & Roger V.